Police investigators’ doubts about Sadoff’s diagnosis were also fueled by suspicions that Andrew was trying to con the psychiatrist into thinking he was mentally ill. The most crucial evidence against fakery is that, shortly after they started going out back in February, Andrew told his former girlfriend his fantastical thoughts about “real” and “unreal” people. According to Sadoff’s report, Andrew said to her, “We are all in reality in hospital beds being monitored and programmed by these mad scientists, and this world is not real for them…. The scientists watch over us to see what we’re doing.” She found the conversation disturbing and asked him to stop. He brought up the subject again about two weeks later, just before they broke up.


Mr. Gillette was known to Andrew as the eighth grade class adviser, but he had never been Andrew’s teacher. No school administrators, faculty, or students could remember any kind of previous disagreement between the two. Police questioned eyewitnesses: Did Gillette seem angry at Andrew? Did he say anything to Andrew when he came out on the patio? Did he say anything to Andrew earlier in the evening? Some students recounted that Gillette had called out Andrew’s ticket number for a small door prize, and that Andrew seemed reluctant at first to come forward. His friends coaxed him to retrieve the prize, but it was clear to the girl who handed it to Andrew that he didn’t want it. In fact, he immediately passed the prize to one of his friends, indicating that he wouldn’t need it. On reflection, no one who was at Nick’s Place that evening could recall anything that might explain what happened. As noted, Andrew himself had no explanation. A former football coach, Gillette didn’t brook any nonsense, but he was also among the more popular teachers. Police investigators firmly concluded that there was no reason why Andrew targeted the science teacher.

When Andrew entered Nick’s Place, having just shot and killed Gillette, he asked for Eric Wozniak by name. Was he Andrew’s intended victim, or was there another reason he wanted him? It’s not clear. Police investigators believe that, when Andrew was scanning the crowd of teachers and classmates, he was looking for specific kids to shoot. Investigators did not find a written “hit list” of targets, but one friend whom Andrew told of his plans had asked about a list, and Andrew did mention one girl by name. During the shooting, however, Andrew did not call out for her. As mentioned earlier, Andrew told Sadoff that he had called out Eric Wozniak’s name because he wanted Eric to shoot him to ensure his own death.

Justin Fletcher, the boy who stood up to Andrew and defied him to shoot him, was well known to area police. According to police investiga

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