the gun clip, stating that “he was going to kill nine people he hated and then use the last bullet for himself.”

After hearing Andrew talk about his plans to kill nine people and then commit suicide, another friend asked him whom he would shoot if he were to bring a gun to the dinner dance. He named a specific girl, but still the friend dismissed it all as a joke. In a subsequent conversation, Andrew appeared to be trying to recruit him into his scheme, asking him vaguely, “Are you in?” His friend said “No.” Then, two days later Andrew asked him again. “So, are you in with me?” His friend again declined, to which Andrew said, “Well, you have so much going for you,” citing his friend’s girlfriend.

One girl was sure Andrew was joking the day he called her at home and talked about the boys in Jonesboro, Arkansas, who brought guns to school and opened fire on classmates and a teacher, killing five. “He said he was going to do something like that someday,” the girl told reporters. “I said, ‘Remind me not to come to school that day.’” Another friend remembered Andrew saying, “That Jonesboro thing, that would be like me bringing a gun to the dinner dance,” and then Andrew laughed, as if it were a joke. Another time, this friend remembered, Andrew looked out the classroom window and told everyone to duck because the kids from Jonesboro were outside. In his report, Sadoff noted that Andrew didn’t recall saying anything about Jonesboro, but that if he did, he was probably joking.

Another critical incident occurred a few weeks before the shooting. At the Wurst home, Andrew showed his father’s handgun to several friends who were visiting. Later, the stepfather of one of the boys came by in his truck and drove the boys over to their house. Andrew furtively brought the gun along, and the boys went to a field behind the house for target practice with the gun. One boy said that they took turns shooting the gun, trying to hit a tree about 25 feet away. Andrew, he reported, was the only one who missed. Andrew described the same incident when police investigators asked if he had ever taken the gun out before that evening at Nick’s Place.

In the bathroom at Nick’s Place, a friend reported later to police, Andrew asked him to feel something under his shirt, which he thought might be a gun, although he wasn’t sure. Andrew said his friend saw the handgun. In any case, the friend immediately remembered Andrew’s talk of suicide, and he grew alarmed. He shared his concerns with several friends. He told them to keep it quiet, but he also recruited them to keep an eye on Andrew, which they did. Andrew’s former girlfriend told police that her date, who was one of Andrew’s friends, asked her, “Would you dance with a friend if it would prevent him from committing suicide?” She knew he meant Andrew. She wouldn’t dance with Andrew, but she did confront him about the rumor she’d heard. Andrew denied it,

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