in agriculture and environment. He received his B.A. (1969) from the University of San Francisco, and M.A. (1971) and Ph.D. (1974) in Physics from the University of California, Davis. Flocchini currently serves as a member of the USDA Task Force on Agricultural Air Quality and trustee of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change.

John C. Bailar III, M.D., Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago. He is a retired commissioned officer of the U.S. Public Health Service, and worked for the National Cancer Institute for 22 years. He has also held academic appointments at Harvard University and McGill University. Dr. Bailar's research interests include assessing health risks from chemical hazards and air pollutants and interpreting statistical evidence in medicine, with a special emphasis on cancer. Bailar received his B.A. (1953) from the University of Colorado, M.D. (1955) from Yale University, and Ph.D. (1971) in statistics from American University. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine and has served on over twenty NRC committees including the Committee on Estimating the Health-Risk-Reduction Benefits of Proposed Air Regulations (Chair), Committee on Risk Assessment of Hazardous Air Pollutants, and Committee on Epidemiology of Air Pollutants.

Candis Claiborn, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Washington State University. Prior to that she was a senior process control engineer at ARCO Petroleum Products and a process engineer at Chevron. Her areas of expertise include airborne particulate matter measurement, characterization, and emissions, and air pollution control. She received her B.S. (1980) in chemical engineering from the University of Idaho and Ph.D. (1991) from North Carolina State University. Claiborn was a member of the Western Governor’s Association’s “Western Regional Air Partnership Expert Panel on Windblown and Mechanically Generated Fugitive Dust” and contributing author for the USEPA “Air Quality Criteria Development for Particulate Matter”.

Russell R. Dickerson, Ph.D. is professor and chair (effective 1 July 2002) of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to Maryland, he worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, in Mainz, Germany. He received his A.B. (1975) from the University of Chicago, and M.S. (1978) from the University of Michigan, and Ph.D. (1980) in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. His areas of expertise include atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, and biogeochemical cycles with an emphasis on NOx, O3, CO, black carbon, and ammonia. Dickerson previously served on the NRC Panel to Review the

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