Vaccine Licensure

Legislation and/or Policy Statements

IOM Reports on Vaccine Safety


DTaP vaccine licensed for first three doses given in infancy (Tripedia and ACEL-IMUNE were previously licensed for only the 4th and 5th doses).

ACIP recommends using IPV for the first 2 polio vaccinations, followed by OPV for remaining doses. Intended to be a transitional schedule for 3–5 years until an all-IPV series is available

Options for Poliomyelitis Vaccinations in the United States: Workshop Summary


ACIP recommends children 12months–12 years receive Varicella vaccine



Additional DTaP vaccine (Infanrix) licensed for first 4 doses of 5-part series

ACIP recommends DTaP in place of DTP

Vaccine Safety Forum: Summary of Two Workshops


Risk Communication and Vaccination: Workshop Summary


Additional DTaP vaccine (Certiva) licensed for first 4 doses of 5-part series

ACIP updates MMR recommendation, encouraging use of the combined MMR vaccine




ACIP updates varicella vaccine recommendation, requiring immunity for child care and school entry

ACIP recommends an all-IPV schedule begin January 2000 to prevent cases of vaccine-associated paralytic polio

AAP and PHS recommend removal of thimerosal from vaccines

Also recommended postponement of hepatitis B vaccine from birth to 2–6 months for infants of hepatitis B surface antigen-negative mothers

Additional supply of thimerosal-free hepatitis B vaccine made available

MMWR notifies readers of the availability of a thimerosal-free hepatitis B vaccine, enabling the resumption of the birth dose



Pneumococcal vaccine for infants and young

ACIP recommends pneumococcal vaccination for all chil


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