• Alcohol or substance use disorder, conduct disorder, and impulsivity/sensation-seeking often co-occur and represent particular suicide risk for youth.

The evidence regarding the links between suicide and aggression/ impulsivity is growing. This relationship requires additional attention, particularly regarding its developmental etiology.

  • Hopelessness is related to suicidality across age, diagnoses, and severity of disorder, yet the field lacks research on the pathways to hopelessness, interrelationships between hopelessness and other psychological aspects of suicide risk, and on the specific effects of reducing hopelessness on suicide. Effective treatments exist for reducing hopelessness.

Clinical trials are needed on the specific effects of reducing hopelessness on suicide.

  • Optimism and coping skills enhance both mental and physical health. Research suggests that these can be taught. The opportunity for building resilience through modification of coping and cognitive styles appears potent, but effects of such interventions on suicidality remains largely untested.

Evaluation of mental health promotion programs is needed on the efficacy of reducing suicide via resilience enhancement.


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