Validation Method

Validation Setting

Reliability Estimates

Fulmer and O’Malley (1987)

Content validity: 0.83

Acute care.

Chronbach’s alpha = 0.84

Reis and Namiash (1995)

Predictive Validity

Using known abusers and a control groups, overall scores of abusers were significantly higher on the CASE (mean 3.2) than nonabusers (mean 1.9).

Construct Validity

CASE scores were positively correlated (0.41) with IOA scores.

44 known abusive caregivers and 45 nonabusive caregivers receiving care from a social services center.

Chronbach’s alpha = 0.71

present in the domains of subject, trusted other, and social embeddedness (see Chapter 3).

Challenges in Screening

A variety of factors make screening challenging and difficult. Mistreatment may occur as a single act or as a chronic, subtle series of events. In fact it is often difficult to know when an event or series of events have crossed the line from inappropriate conduct to actual mistreatment. At what point does inadequate care become intentional neglect? Expectations across different settings may also influence the identification and definition of cases. For example, different standards of care may be applied to the professional staff of a nursing home in contrast to a family caregiver or

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