adequately caring for himself or herself and his or her interests without serious consequences to himself or herself or others, or who, because of physical or mental impairment, is unable to protect himself or herself from abuse, neglect, exploitation, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse by others, and who has no guardian, relative, or other appropriate person able, willing, and available to assume the kind and degree of protection and supervision required under the circumstances.

“Caregiver” means an individual who has the responsibility for care of a protected person as a result of family relationship or who has assumed the responsibility for care of the person voluntarily by contract or as a result of the ties of friendship.

ALASKA: Alaska Stat. § 47.24.900 (2001)

Abuse” means willful, intentional, reckless, nonaccidental, and nontherapeutic infliction of physical pain injury or mental distress or sexual assault.

Neglect” means the intentional failure by a caregiver to provide essential care or services necessary to maintain the physical and mental health of the vulnerable adult. Self-neglect includes an act or omission by a vulnerable adult that results or could result in the deprivation of essential services necessary to maintain minimal mental, emotional, or physical health and safety.

Exploitation” means the unjust or improper use of another person or another person’s resources for one’s own profit or advantage.

Vulnerable adult” means a person 18 years of age or older who, because of physical or mental impairment, is unable to meet person’s own needs or to seek help without assistance.

Caregiver” means a person providing care to a vulnerable adult as a result of family relationship; or who has assumed responsibility for the care of a vulnerable adult voluntarily, by contract, or by court order; or an employee of an out-of-home care facility who provides care to one or more vulnerable adults.

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