OREGON: ORS §§ 124.005, 441.630 (1999)

Abuse” under § 124.005 means one or more of the following: (a) Any physical injury caused by other than accidental means, or that appears to be at variance with the explanation given of the injury. (b) Neglect that leads to physical harm through withholding of services necessary to maintain health and well-being. (c) Abandonment, including desertion or willful forsaking of an elderly or disabled person or the withdrawal or neglect of duties and obligations owed an elderly or disabled person by a caregiver or other person. (d) Willful infliction of physical pain or injury. (e) Use of derogatory or inappropriate names, phrases, or profanity, ridicule, harassment, coercion, threats, cursing, intimidation or inappropriate sexual comments of such a nature as to threaten significant physical or emotional harm to the elderly or disabled person. (f) Causing any sweepstakes promotion to be mailed to an elderly, disabled, or incapacitated person who had received sweepstakes promotional material in the United States mail, spent more than $500 in the preceding year on any sweepstakes promotions, or any combination of sweepstakes promotions from the same service, regardless of the identities of the originators of the sweepstakes promotion and who represented to the court that the person felt the need for the court’s assistance to prevent the person from incurring further expense.

INSTITUTIONAL ABUSE: “Abuse” under § 441.630 means: (a) Any physical injury to a resident of a long-term care facility which has been caused by other than accidental means. (b) Failure to provide basic care or services, which failure results in physical harm or unreasonable discomfort or serious loss of human dignity. (c) Sexual contact with a resident caused by an employee, agent, or other resident of a long-term care facility by force, threat, duress ,or coercion. (d) Illegal or improper use of a resident’s resources for the personal profit or gain of another person. (e) Verbal or mental abuse as prohibited by federal law. (f) Corporal punishment. (g) Involuntary seclusion for convenience or discipline.

Elderly person” under § 124.005 means any person 65 years of age or older who is not subject to the provisions of ORS 441.640 to 441.665.

PENNSYLVANIA: 35 P.S. § 10225.103 (2001); 63 P.S. § 672 (2001)

Abuse” under § 10225.103 and § 672 means the occurrence of one or more of the following acts: (1) The infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain,

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