From Hwalek and Sengstock (1986).

Elder Abuse Screening Test
  1. ** Do you have anyone who spends time with you, taking you shopping or to the doctor?3

  2. *** Are you helping to support someone?

  3. ** Are you sad or lonely?

  4. * Who makes decisions about your life—like how you should live or where you should live?

  5. *** Do you feel uncomfortable with anyone in your family?

  6. ** Can you take your own medication and get around by yourself?

  7. *** Do you feel that nobody wants you around?

  8. *** Does anyone in your family drink a lot?

  9. * Does someone in your family make you stay in bed or tell you you’re sick when you’re not?

  10. * Has anyone forced you to do things you didn’t want to do?

  11. * Has anyone taken things that belonged to you without your OK?

  12. *** Do you trust most of the people in your family?

  13. *** Does anyone tell you that you give them too much trouble?

  14. *** Do you have enough privacy at home?

  15. * Has anyone close to you tried to hurt you or harm you recently?


A response of “no” to items 1, 6, 12, and 14; a response of “someone else” to item 4; and a response of “yes” to all others was scored in the “abused” direction.

Identified factors: *violation of personal rights or direct abuse, **characteristics of vulnerability, and ***potentially abusive situation

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