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Research is needed on the phenomenology and clinical course of elder mistreatment. The occurrence of elder mistreatment in institutional settings, including hospitals, long-term care and assisted living situations, is all but uncharacterized and needs new study sampling and detection methods.

86, 87

Risk Factors for Elder Mistreatment: Chapter 5

Studies examining risk indicators and risk and protective factors for different types of elder mistreatment are urgently needed. A particularly critical need exists for such studies in institutional settings. Research on risk and protective factors should take into consideration the clinical course of elder mistreatment. Advances in measurement in risk and protective factor research are needed.

101, 102

Screening and Case Identification in Clinical Settings: Chapter 6

Substantial research is needed to improve and develop new methods of screening for possible elder mistreatment in a range of clinical settings.


Research is needed on the process of designating cases as incidents of mistreatment in order to improve criteria, investigative methods, decision-making processes, and decision outcomes.


Research assessing the capacity of older persons with cognitive impairments to provide accurate testimony is needed for improving the accuracy of case identification, not only in clinical settings, but also in legal settings, including prosecutorial decision making and formal adjudication.


Research is needed to help illuminate the characteristics of common injuries, such as their etiology, natural course, distribution, and severity so that the process of identifying cases of elder mistreatment can become more accurate and reliable.


Evaluating Interventions: Chapter 7

Research on the effects of elder mistreatment interventions is urgently needed. Existing interventions to prevent or ameliorate elder mistreatment should be evaluated, and agencies funding new intervention programs should require and fund a scientifically adequate evaluation as a component of each grant.


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