Deliverable 2: MMRS Development Plan

Plan Elements


2.02 Description of how responses to a chemical, biological, or radiological (CBR) terrorism incident by public safety, public health, and health services sectors will be coordinated

–List of relevant safety and health organizations

–Description of proposed mechanisms for coordination of responses

–Designation of lead agency or official

2.03 Identification of leadership and membership of the developmental team

–List of relevant safety and health organizations

2.New 1 Description of the planning environment

–Plan for soliciting input or gathering data

2.04 Statement of the philosophy of approach

–Mission or vision statement

2.05 Description of the geographic area

–Map of metropolitan area or list of jurisdictions in metropolitan area

2.06 and 2.07 Inclusion on steering committee of all relevant organizations, including broad base of organizations from emergency response disciplines

–Representation by senior officials from public safety, public health, and health care communities

–Organizational tables and contact numbers

2.New 2 Periodic review of membership, gaps in planning, execution of plan, and response to CBR agent-related terrorism and proxy incidents

–Schedule of reviews

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