INDIVIDUALIZED PERCEPTION—Individualized perception means that the teacher spontaneously thinks about the interests and needs of each student and makes every effort to personalize each student’s program.

LISTENING—The Listening theme is evident when a person spontaneously listens to others with responsiveness and acceptance. Listening is viewed as beneficial to the speaker.

INVESTMENT—The Investment theme is indicated by the teacher’s capacity to receive a satisfaction from the growth of the students. This is in contrast to the person who must personally perform to achieve satisfaction.

INPUT DRIVE—Input drive is evidenced by the teacher who is continuously searching for ideas, materials and experiences to use in helping other people, especially students.

ACTIVATION—Activation indicates that the teacher is capable of stimulating students to think, to respond, to feel, to learn.

INNOVATION—The innovation theme is indicated when a teacher tries new ideas and techniques. A certain amount of determination is observed in this theme because the idea has to be implemented. At a higher level of innovation is creativity, where the teacher has the capability of putting information and experience together into new configurations.

GESTALT—The Gestalt theme indicates the teacher has a drive toward completeness. The teacher sees in patterns—is uneasy until work is finished. When gestalt is high, the teacher tends toward perfectionism. Even though form and structure are important, the individual student is considered first. The teacher works from individual to structure.

OBJECTIVITY—Objectivity is indicated when a teacher responds to the total situation. This teacher gets facts and understands first as compared to making an impulsive reaction.

FOCUS—Focus is indicated when a person has models and goals. The person’s life is moving in a planned direction. The teacher knows what the goals are and selects activities in terms of these goals.

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