Bio2010 Mathematics and Computer Science Panel Roster

Nancy Kopell, Panel Leader, Boston University

Robert Blystone, Trinity University

Louis J. Gross, University of Tennessee

Richard Karp, University of California-Berkeley

Eric Lander, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Markus Meister, Harvard University

Alan Perelson, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Charles Peskin, New York University

Louise Ryan, Harvard University

Dewitt Sumners, Florida State University

Workshop Participants

Julian Adams, University of Michigan

Ann Burgess, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College

Denice Denton, University of Washington

Mike Doyle, Research Corporation

Billy Joe Evans, University of Michigan

Louis Gross, University of Tennessee

Keith Howard, Morehouse College

John Jungck, Beloit College

Priscilla Laws, Dickinson College

Jerry Mohrig, Carleton College

Jeanne Narum, Project Kaleidoscope

Fred Rudolph, Rice University

Patricia Soochan, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Sheldon Wettack, Harvey Mudd College

Terry Woodin, National Science Foundation


The committee would like to thank the members of the panels for their contribution to the report. The full texts of the panel reports presented to the committee are available from the Public Access Records Office at the National Research Council. Many of the ideas of the panels have been incorporated into the report, and other aspects of the panel reports influenced the committee’s deliberations. Summaries of the panel reports are presented here to give the reader a sense of the full range of topics discussed by the panels.

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