10 min

30 min

1 min

4 min

8 min

16 ppm

16 ppm

13 ppm

8.0 ppm

5.3 ppm

Key reference:

Jones, R.A., J.A.Strickland, and J.Siegel. 1972. Toxicity of propylene glycol 1,2-dinitrate in experimental animals. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 22:128–137.

Test species/Strain/Sex/Number: Squirrel monkeys (number and sex not stated)

Exposure route/Concentrations/Durations: Inhalation; 70–100 ppm for 6 h


Severe effects (vomiting, pallor, cold extremities, semiconsciousness, and clonic convulsions)

End point/Concentration/Rationale: The 6-h exposure at 70–100 ppm was a NOEL for lethality in monkeys

Uncertainty factors/Rationale:

Total uncertainty factor: 10

Interspecies: 3—the monkey was more susceptible than the rat, the lowest concentration in a range was chosen, humans and monkeys showed changes in the visual evoked response at similar concentrations, and the monkey is a good model for the human.

Intraspecies: 3—the threshold for central nervous system effects (narcosis) does not vary greatly among individuals.

Modifying factor: Not applicable

Animal to human dosimetric adjustment: Not applied.

Time scaling: Default values of n=3 and n=1 for shorter and longer time-scaling durations, respectively, with respective k value of 2,058 ppm·h and 42 ppm·h, because no data were available for time scaling the central nervous system end points of convulsions and narcosis. Because of the long exposure duration of the key study, the 10-min value was not time scaled but was set equal to the 30-min AEGL-3.

Data adequacy: Although the key study lacked details of methodology, the AEGL-3 values are supported by the additional observation of no adverse effects in rats exposed at a concentration of 189 ppm for 4 h (Jones et al. 1972). The AEGL-3 values are also supported by subchronic and chronic exposures of several animal species at concentrations up to 34 ppm with no life-threatening effects.

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