TABLE 4.1 Infrastructure Systems

Subject Area

Example of Research Needed

Architectures and standards

Standard manufacturing control architectures

Generic functionality within control architectures

Cost-benefit criteria for potential standards

Data communications networks

Very high bandwidth technology and services

Target architectures and loads for shop floor networks

Transmission methods adapted to the manufacturing environment

Database systems

Modeling and prototyping functions for user interface

Next-generation data manipulation language

Maintenance of data consistency and integrity through database updates

Architectures for autonomy and distributed intelligence

Autonomous agents to monitor and respond to production events

Knowledge agents for enterprise-wide management of models, names, transactions, rules, and so on

Architectures for manufacturing systems involving distributed intelligence

Tools to find and distribute information

Stable sets of rules for interacting agents

Dynamic variations in agent autonomy

Enterprise and inter-enterprise integration

Principles and architectures for coupling network-based applications

Automatic interpretation of transactions

Automatic message routing and associated processing

Support for multiple protocols and multiple speeds over a given medium

Time-critical message delivery in interconnected networks

Protocols and services that support specific demands of object-oriented applications

Services for human- and machine-based browsing and searching of information and resources

Tools and techniques supporting supply-chain dynamics and associated planning

Mechanisms and systems to support information session management

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