The committee believes that structuring information to correspond to the core sets of performance measures across the six quality aims should provide the paradigm for research on public disclosure.

The relationship of process measures to better care and outcomes should be a defining consideration in the selection of the measures to be disclosed, and that relationship must be apparent in both surveys and presentation. However, the committee believes that because consumers make choices at the micro level of care (e.g. choosing a clinician) identifying and implementing an information infrastructure that can be used to collect provider-specific information for consumers remains an essential precondition for meaningful public disclosure of quality performance.

In addition to research on how best to design comparative reports to meet the needs of various stakeholders, it will also be important for AHRQ to better understand the potential users and applications that can be supported by the shared data repository (discussed in Chapter 4). The data repository is intended to be a more flexible tool for gaining access to quality information. In addition to requesting specific tailored reports, users might also access the data base directly and generate their own reports. A good deal of research and evaluation will be necessary to determine how best to structure and organize the data in the repository and to identify ways of assisting different types of users in accessing and interpreting data.


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