Terrestrial Vertebrate Biology

  • Monitoring population dynamics of 133 avian species – 23 years

  • Monitoring lizard population dynamics – 31 years

  • Monitoring population fluctuations of mammal species with transect counts – 21 years

  • Monitoring 3000 rice-paddy fields in Senegal – 38 years


  • Over 50,000 marine fossils

  • Over 300,000 recent mollusks from both coasts of Central America, with precise geographic, sediment, taxonomic, and biologic information

  • Extensive data on carbon isotope ratios in tropical forest plants, particularly bromeliads and other epiphytes

  • Record of rainfall and temperature on Barro Colorado Island – 80 years

  • Record from a class A weather station, soil moisture content, and stream flow from Barro Colorado Island – 31 years

  • Record from a class A weather station, salinity, and sea level from Galeta Point

  • Record of water quality in Bay of Panama – 20 years

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