ent CO2 in Rhode River marsh (“World’s longest-running field experiment on the effects of CO2 enrichment on natural plant communities”) – 15 years

  • Studying effects of CO2 enrichment on scrub oak at Kennedy Space Center – 6 years

  • Estimating productivity in Rhode River marsh – 20 years

  • Estimating productivity of old forest and mid succession forest – 25 years

  • Studying deciduous-forest tree dynamics in Rhode River watershed: species composition and demography on permanent plots – 12 years

Animal Ecology

  • Breeding-bird surveys in Rhode River watershed – 20 years


  • Records of precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and so on in Rhode River watershed – 32 years

  • Records of precipitation chemistry (wet and dryfall) in Rhode River watershed – 26 years

  • Records of micrometeorology of Smithsonian Environmental Research Center deciduous forest – 8 years

  • Records of ultraviolet radiation in Maryland and Hawaii – 25 years and 16 years, respectively

  • Geographic database of topography, land-use composition and patterns, streams and rivers, and shorelines of Rhode River watershed – 55 years

  • Geographic database of land-use history of southern Anne Arundel County based on historical surveys and records, aerial photography, and satellite imagery – 300 years

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