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3. Electronic materials and processing (14)
4. Stealth technology (13)
5. Remote sensing and analysis (12)
6. Antibiotics (10)
7. New polymers and composite materials (10)
8. Other

chemically amplified photoresists, biological adhesives, nuclear safeguard materials (1), reactive armor, energetic materials (1), personal protection materials (3), packaging materials (food), high-temperature materials, kinetic energy penetrators (1), nanoparticles, lighter and stronger materials (1), ceramics, chemical additives, synthetic membranes, high-performance fibers, fluoro polymers, coatings, proliferation-resistant processing (1), advanced batteries (6), plutonium management (3), fuel cells (1), photovoltaics, catalysis (2), supercritical processing, combinatorial methods, chiral synthetic methods (1), nuclear energy, new separation and purification techniques (2), chemical transport models, computational chemistry (4), informatics (2), modeling and simulation (4), education (4), chlorofluorocarbon replacements, new synthetic methods, chemical vapor deposition microelectronic processing (1), electrophysical monitoring, crop protection chemicals (1), pharmaceuticals, DNA vaccines, methane as feedstock (1), water treatment (1)

Discovery—Green Group

1. Materials (37)

colloidal nanoparticle technology (e.g. aerosol generation) (4), nonlinear optics switches, biodegradable surfactants, biocidal surfaces, controlled release/delivery and encapsulation for delivery systems (4), development of personal protection systems, fuel cells/batteries (6), imprintable polymers/zeolites (1), supercritical fluid technologies, development and application of photoresists and semiconductor synthesis (12), high-performance composites (structural components) and nanocomposite materials (11)

2. Analytical detection (33)

application of advanced spectroscopic techniques for characterization of volatile/semi-volatile particulates in the atmosphere (5), diode lasers (2), single organism detection (1), emissions testing, single molecule detection (3), polymerase chain reaction (6), electrochemical sensors (1), high throughput screening (3), remote sensing (4), real-time analytical techniques, diagnostics of biomeds, aerosol detection (2), drug testing, advanced detection/electron capture detection, automation of chemical analysis, mass spectrometry of macromolecules (6), multidimensional fluorescence spectroscopy

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