modeling and analysis, and the World Wide Web. Dr. Barford is on the Technical Advisory Board of epicRealm, Inc., and serves on the program committees of ACM SIGMETRICS 2003, the IEEE Workshop on Internet Applications 2003, the 2002 Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) Workshop on Large Scale Communications Networks, and the 2002 International Performance and Dependability Symposium. Dr. Barford is the leader of the Badger Internet Group (BIG), which conducts research in network performance and network management. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Boston University in December 2000.

David D. Clark graduated from Swarthmore College in 1966 and received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1973. He has worked since then at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, where he is currently a senior research scientist in charge of the Advanced Network Architecture Group. Dr. Clark’s research interests include networks, network protocols, operating systems, distributed systems, and computer and communications security. After receiving his Ph.D., he worked on the early stages of the ARPANET and on the development of token-ring local-area-network technology. Since the mid-1970s, Dr. Clark has been involved in the development of the Internet. From 1981 to 1989, he acted as its chief protocol architect and chaired the Internet Activities Board. His current research area is protocols and architectures for very large and very high speed networks. Specific activities include extensions to the Internet to support real-time traffic, explicit allocation of service, pricing, and new network technologies. In the security area, Dr. Clark participated in the early development of the multilevel secure Multics operating system. He developed an information security model that stresses integrity of data rather than disclosure control. Dr. Clark is a fellow of the ACM and the IEEE and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He received the ACM Special Interest Group in Data Communication (SIGCOMM) award and the IEEE award in International Communications, as well as the IEEE Hamming Award for his work on the Internet. He is a consultant to a number of companies and serves on several technical advisory boards. Dr. Clark chaired the committee that produced the CSTB report Computers at Risk: Safe Computing in the Information Age. He also served on the committees that produced the CSTB reports Toward a National Research Network; Realizing the Information Future: The Internet and Beyond; and The Unpredictable Certainty: Information Infrastructure Through 2000. He currently chairs the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies.

Sean Donelan is director-Internet security at SBC Communications. He has extensive experience with peering, fiber-optic cable cuts, data center

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