TABLE 4-1 Epidemiologic Studies—Occupational Exposure


Study Design


Study Group (N)

Comparison Group (N)a


New NIOSH Studies

Steenland et al., 2001


A study to reexamine and compare diabetes data from the NIOSH cohort and the United States Air Force Ranch Hands in order to reconcile differences between the two study methods and protocols

267 NIOSH workers 990 Ranch Hands

227 NIOSH comparisons 1,275 Ranch Hand comparisons

NIOSH Studies Reviewed in Update 2000

Calvert et al., 1999


Continuing follow-up of workers employed more than 15 years ago at two plants that manufactured substances contaminated with TCDD to evaluate associations between serum TCDD and serum glucose (diabetes), TSH, total T4, and T3



Steenland et al., 1999


Mortality study of workers at 12 industrial plants that produced chemicals contaminated with TCDD, using a job-exposure matrix to estimate TCDD exposure categories. End points reported are all cancers, ischemic heart disease, and diabetes

5,132 (3,538 with exposure data divided into septiles of cumulative exposure; 608 who had chloracne)

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