dynamical critical phenomena, and should exhibit the onset of macroscopic quantum order, usually masked by gravity.

  1. Microgravity Scaling Theory Experiment (MISTE) (2005), Martin Barmatz, JPL. High-precision equation of state, heat capacity, and compressibility measurements will be carried out on He-3 in the critical region. Asymptotic and crossover models can be tested much more carefully than on Earth because the usul density gradients induced by gravity will be absent on the ISS.

  2. Coexistence Curve Experiment (COEX) (2005), Inseob Hahn, JPL. This experiment is an extension of the MISTE experiment. It is designed to accurately test the scaling hypothesis and equation-of state model predictions.

  3. Heat Capacity at Constant Heat Current (CQ) (2005), David Goodstein, Caltech. This experiment, and extension of the DYNAMX experiment, will study the heat capacity of Helium just below the superfluid-normal transition. The presence of a heat-capacity anomaly cannot be studied on Earth because of the density-gradients induced by gravity.

Schedule by projected year of launch

2004: AMS


2007: BEST, SUMO

2008: RACE

tbs (in development, to be scheduled): CLASS, QUITE

Launch schedule data from International Space Station Research Program: Implementation for the Physical Sciences, presentation by E.H. Trinh to TGRISS, March 5, 2002.

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