The third meeting, a full-day session open to the public, was dedicated to gathering information and the views of the public and technical experts on the implementation, power, and presentation of the CDC-NCI draft report and on a variety of issues related to communication of the report to the public. Notices inviting the public to attend the meeting went to the NCI 131I email list, Senator Tom Harkin’s office, the press and news media in Iowa, and over 15 citizen advisory and public-interest groups. Almost 20 people attended the meeting, including members of the press from Iowa.

The public meeting was structured to solicit comment from technical experts and laypersons on three topics: dosimetry and uncertainty, archiving and evaluation of other data and other kinds of evidence that shed light on possible health effects, and communication of information in the final report in written and oral forms. Each topic was discussed for about an hour by the invited speakers and committee members and was then the subject of an extended open-microphone session. Attendees were invited to make oral statements or to provide written questions, concerns, and comments to the committee. Written submissions from those who could not attend the meeting were solicited.

The three topics were discussed as follows:

Dosimetry and Uncertainty

  • Lynn Anspaugh, University of Utah (invited speaker)

  • Jane Magers (Earth Care) and Dane Spencer (spoke during the open-microphone session)

Other Evidence and Contextual Information Related to NTS and Global Fallout Exposures

  • Owen Hoffman, President and Director, SENES Oak Ridge, Inc. (invited speaker)

  • Merle P.Prater (spoke during the open-microphone session)

Issues of Communication

  • James Thomas, Paralegal, Short Cressman and Burgess (invited speaker)

  • Margaret Farrell, MPH RD, Office of Communications, NCI (invited speaker)

  • Margaret Rowland (Earth Care) and Perry Beeman (Des Moines Register) (spoke during the open-microphone session)

During an open-comment session, oral statements were presented to the committee by John Moreland (staff assistant in Senator Harkin’s office), Lisa Ledwidge (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research), Susan Gordon (Alliance for Nuclear Accountability), and Dane Spencer. Written statements were provided to the committee by Robert K.Musil (Physicians for Social Responsibility), Trisha Pritikin, Seth Tuler, Rob Goble, Octavia Taylor, and Abel Russ.

The meeting, which ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., provided a forum for the committee to listen to technical and public statements and opinions concerning the design, implementation, analysis, and communication of the CDC-NCI draft report. In addition to formal presentations,

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