FIGURE 3-1 Climate Science and Technology Management Structure. SOURCE: CCSP. Available online at <>.

BOX 3-1

Planning Climate and Global Change Research (NRC, 2003b) Recommendation

The CCSP should establish a standing advisory body charged with independent oversight of the entire program.

Revisions to the CCSP Strategic Plan

The revised strategic plan includes a section in Chapter 16 (Program Management and Review) on “External Interactions for Guidance, Evaluation, and Feedback” (CCSP, 2003, p. 175). In this section, the plan states that the CCSP considered this recommendation to establish a standing advisory body, but chose not to implement it at this time. The plan states: “CCSP believes that essential program oversight is better provided by the use of a number of external advisory mechanisms, including periodic overall program reviews by the NRC or other groups, rather than a single body. Additional mechanisms to seek external scientific input, such as workshops, steering committees, ad hoc working groups, and review boards, will be employed as needed. CCSP will continue to consider creation of a permanent overall advisory group as program implementation proceeds.” The committee still believes that an independent, standing advisory body for the entire program would be the most effective way to maintain the long-term scientific credibility of the program.

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