Billy M. Williams: A couple of points I wanted to make, and maybe just add to the record a couple of others—what I consider to be best practices or resources for future consideration.

In the K-12 arena, there is a group known as the National Science Resource Center (NSRC) based in Washington, D.C., which is sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution, the National Science Foundation, and the National Academy of Sciences. The NSRC is involved in K-12 educational improvement in the math and sciences. They do have a website, so I will refer you to that if you are looking at sponsorship and support for a very active K-12 support.

D. Ronald Webb: I would like to learn more about that. We will talk later.

Billy M. Williams: For my other point, you mentioned your affinity groups and employee networks. Within Dow, we have had in place the past several years companywide affinity networks. We now have a women’s innovation network, an Asian development network, an African American network, a Hispanic network, and a gay and lesbian network across the company, which we have found to be effective in providing the type of environment that you talked about and that has been discussed in other venues here.

These are supported quite heavily from the top in our corporation and have been effective in helping change the culture and environment across Dow Chemical Company.

D. Ronald Webb: Point well taken. Thank you.

Iona Black, Yale University. I was wondering if you have tracked your RTCI participants.

D. Ronald Webb: No, we do not track them but that might be interesting to do. I know many of them go on to industry, for example, Dow, DuPont, and Pfizer. Others have chosen academia as a career path, with one of our most recent RTCI alumni accepting an assistant professorship at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. But I cannot speak for all of our former RTCI participants.

Iona Black: I was in your first group. I was a second-year graduate student, so I thank you.

D. Ronald Webb: Thank you for sharing that.

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