Second Committee Meeting: March 25–26, 2002

President’s Hall, Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 32a 2ndfloor—Russia

MONDAY, March 25, 2002

Spent nuclear fuel, high-level radioactive wastes, and nuclear energy and their future in Russia

Prof. M.I.Solonin

Minatom, VNIINM, Director

Overview of SNF and HLW at Mayak

Dr. P.P.Shevtsev,

Minatom, PA “Mayak”, Central Factory Laboratory, Head of SNF reprocessing group

Overview of SNF and HLW at Krasnoyarsk

Dr. G.K.Dobrynskikh

Minatom, MCC, Deputy Head of Technical Division.

Overview of Naval spent nuclear fuel

Academician N.N.

Melnikov, RAS, Kola Scientific Center, Director of the Mining institute

Radioisotope fractionation in implementation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle.

Academician B.F.


RAS, GEOKHI, Head of Radiochemical Laboratory

Examination of geological, environmental, and societal aspects of the proposed storage facility at the Priargunsky MCC

Prof. V.A.Ovseichuk,

Minatom, Priargunsky MCC, Director of Science

TUESDAY, March 26, 2002

MOX fuel-fabrication technology and MOX fuel utilization in implementation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle

Prof. V.V.Volk,

Minatom, VNIINM, Deputy General Director

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