tween people and nations enjoying conveniences and those that do not. The misuse of scientific knowledge has inflicted pain on both the environment and people. To heal these pains, concerned scientists throughout the world have started looking at the ethics in the use of scientific knowledge and technology, trying to balance scientific progress without causing environmental and social damages.


We are born with inquisitive minds and enjoy learning about ourselves and our surroundings. We are also born with certain needs and a desire to be physically comfortable. But more than the physical comfort, we thrive to have peace of mind and happiness. But, can science and technology alone bring us happiness? It is this writer’s belief that it is only through the ethical use of scientific knowledge that we can secure happiness. Let me elaborate more on this.

We need advances in science and technology in order to eradicate hunger, malnutrition, diseases, ignorance, homelessness, and other human miseries throughout the world. At the same time, we need to possess human values in order to perform this task, or render this service, with love, and without any expectations. We should do it only as a duty and as a means of expressing our gratitude to the Universe for all that we have. It is through the combination of science and ethics that we can secure happiness. With this attitude, the scientifically advanced nations would take pride in their healing abilities, and not in their killing powers.


While enjoying a higher standard of living and a high degree of material and physical comfort and conveniences, the industrialized and wealthy countries are suffering from a great number of social problems to the extent that the majority of their people are not truly happy. Developing or poorer countries have their own social and economic problems. These nations are clamoring to advance in science and technology in order to solve their economic problems. While it is necessary to do so, we have to realize that science alone cannot solve the present problems and cannot eradicate human miseries; science together with ethics can. Instead of investing time and efforts to just advance in science and technology, we now need to shift our attention and resource allocations more toward cultivating human values and placing more emphasize on ethics. This is of paramount importance, both in the developed and developing countries. While science and technology can bring us conveniences and

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