for health service delivery in East Timor for the transition period, guidelines for District Health Plans were agreed upon in May/June 2000 and supplemented by additional guidelines in July 2000, which are attached as Appendix I.

(2) The District Health Plan for XXX District, prepared by NGO-HSP and reviewed and agreed upon by DHS, details the range of services agreed upon by both signatories to this Letter of Agreement to be provided in compliance with the attached guidelines.

B Agreement

  1. NGO-HSP agrees to implement the agreed plan with due diligence, to keep DHS informed of implementation progress through quarterly progress reports, and to seek DHS prior agreement to any substantial departure from the plan in schedule, content, and/or budget. The agreed upon distribution of fixed facilities, the overall number of staff to be paid by DHS, and an initial distribution of staff are provided in Appendix II.

  2. NGO-HSP agrees that it will seek prior written approval from DHS concerning all matters related to :

  • distribution and location of all fixed and mobile facilities,

  • any construction, reconstruction and/or rehabilitation of health facilities,

  • numbers and distribution of staff, including voluntary staff and those paid by sources other than DHS, and

  • agreements with third parties.

  1. Where not explicitly detailed in the XXX District Health Plan, NGO-HSP undertakes by signing this Letter of Agreement that, in addition to the activities detailed in the District Health Plan, it will:

  • participate, under the guidance of DHS, in the acceleration of priority activities, such as immunization, vitamin A supplementation, TB control, and health promotion,

  • inform the DHS in advance of any pharmaceutical supplies or equipment obtained from sources other than the Central Pharmacy Warehouse/Autonomous Medical Store, whether purchased or donated,

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