TABLE 1-1 Federal Air Quality Management Legislation





Air Pollution Control Act

Provided funds to local and state agencies for research and training


Air Pollution Control Act Extension

Extended the 1955 act


Motor Vehicle Exhaust Study

Authorized the Public Health Service (PHS) to study automotive emissions and health


Air Pollution Control Act Extension

Extended 1955 act and required PHS to include auto emissions in their program


Clean Air Act

Research at the federal level

Aid to states for training

Federal authority to abate interstate pollution

Matching grants to local/state agencies for air pollution control


Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act

National standards for auto emissions

Coordinated pollution control between United States, Canada, and Mexico

Research into SO2 and auto emissions


Air Quality Act

Air quality control regions (AQCRs)

Air quality criteria

Control technology documents

State implementation plans (SIPs)

Separate automotive emission standards for California

President Nixon (1970) created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by Executive Order


Clean Air Act Amendments

National ambient air quality standards (NAAQS)

SIPs to achieve NAAQS by 1975

New source performance standards (NSPS)

National emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP)

Aircraft emission standards to be developed by EPA

Automotive emission standards for hydrocarbons and CO for 1975 models and for NOx for 1976 models

States allowed to adopt air quality standards more stringent than federal standards

Motor vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) program

Citizens allowed to sue for air pollution violations


Clean Air Act Amendments

Geographic regions (Classes I, II, III) to preserve air quality

EPA-sanctioned emission offsets and emission banking within nonattainment regions

State permits that require prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) studies

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