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North Carolina (fraudulent use of identification/assist another person who is underage/purchase/attempt to purchase): Court shall file conviction report with Division of Motor Vehicles and Division shall suspend (pursuant to G.S. 20-17.3) (N.C. GEN. STAT. § 18B-302 [West 2002]).

Ohio (use fraudulent identification): Shall suspend license for one year (OHIO REV. CODE § 4507.163 [West 2002]).

Oregon (misrepresent age in attempt to purchase or acquire): Shall suspend license or right to apply for license for maximum of one year, though may withdraw upon petition and may recommend to Department of Transportation that hardship permit be granted (OR. REV. STAT. § 471.430[5] [2001]).

Pennsylvania (misrepresent age to obtain/purchase/consume/possess/ carry false identification): First offense, shall suspend for 90 days; second offense, shall suspend for one year; third or subsequent offense, shall suspend for two years; any multiple suspensions shall be imposed consecutively; if without license at time, time periods come into force when application for license submitted; if under age 16 at time, eligibility to apply for license delayed by these periods of time (18 PA. CONS. STAT. § 6310.4 [West 2002]).

Rhode Island (consume in retail outlet/purchase/attempt to purchase/ have another purchase for/misrepresent age): First offense, may suspend for not more than three months; second offense, may suspend for not more than six months; third or subsequent offense, may suspend for not more than one year (R.I. GEN. LAWS § 3-8-6d][1] [Matthew Bender 2001]); No suspension shall affect insurance rating of offender and license shall be reinstated without further expense (R.I. GEN. LAWS § 3-8-6[d][2] [Matthew Bender 2001]).

Tennessee (purchase/attempt to purchase/possess/misrepresent age/use false identification): Shall suspend license (TENN. CODE ANN. § 57-4-203 [West 2002]).

Texas (purchase/attempt to purchase/consume/possess): First offense, suspend or deny issuance of license or permit for 30 days; second offense, suspend or deny issuance of license or permit for 60 days; third or subsequent offense, suspend or deny issuance of license or permit for 180 days (TEX. ALCO. BEV. CODE ANN. § 106.071[d][2][A]-[C] [West 2001]).

Utah (purchase/attempt to purchase/solicit another person to purchase/ possess/consume): If at least 13 but under 18, first offense may suspend license, second offense shall suspend driver’s license (UTAH CODE ANN. §§ 32A-12-209, 78-3a-506 [Matthew Bender 2002]).

Vermont (falsely represent age/possess for purpose of consumption/ consume): Second offense, shall suspend license for 120 days (VT. STAT. ANN. tit. 7 § 657[d][2] [2002]).

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