with individuals representing appropriate Federal, State, and local agencies, shall establish guidelines for the stockpiling of potassium iodide tablets, and for the distribution and utilization of potassium iodide tablets in the event of a nuclear incident. Such tablets may not be made available under subsection (a) until such guidelines have been established.

(d) INFORMATION.-The President shall carry out activities to inform State and local governments of the program under this section.


(1) PRESIDENT.-Not later than six months after the date on which the guidelines under subsection (c) are issued, the President shall submit to the Congress a report-

(A) on whether potassium iodide tablets have been made available under subsection (a) or other Federal, State, or local programs, and the extent to which State and local governments have established stockpiles of such tablets; and

(B) the measures taken by the President to implement this section.


(A) IN GENERAL.-The President shall request the National Academy of Sciences to enter into an agreement with the President under which the Academy conducts a study to determine what is the most effective and safe way to distribute and administer potassium iodide tablets on a mass scale. If the Academy declines to conduct the study, the President shall enter into an agreement

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