tities have changed. In Table 5-3 proposed units for expressing DVs are provided for every nutrient that has an EAR or an AI. The following guidelines were used in deciding what the proposed units should be:

  • The unit of quantity for nutrition labeling should be consistent with the EAR or AI. Thus the units for vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folate, and copper should be changed to reflect the new DRIs.

  • Where the current unit is appropriate and consistent with the unit in the DRI report, it should be retained.

  • For nutrients where there are no DRI values because the report has not been released (electrolytes), the current units should be retained.

Implications of Changes to the Label Reference Values

In response to the study task and perspectives presented at the workshops, the committee considered several implications of using the population-weighted EAR or AI or making other changes to reference values for food labeling. In particular the committee discussed nutrient content claims, saturated fat and cholesterol claims, health claims, food formulation, and overages. The committee does not intend for this section to reflect an in-depth review of these issues, but rather to highlight several areas where it recommends careful consideration of the impact of potential changes. The tables included in this section were developed using the formulas and methodology described earlier in this chapter and the illustrative examples of population-weighted values and population estimates from the tables in Appendix B. The resulting numerical values are illustrative only because the development of actual numerical values would necessitate discussions and decisions about the selection of the best representative numbers for each variable in the formulas. In addition, decisions about issues such as units, numerical rounding, population estimates, and certain aspects of the calculations would need to be made before calculations could be done to generate the actual numbers.

While outside the direct task of the committee, nutrient content and health claims in the United States are dependent on the DVs. The workshop presentations helped to make it clear to the committee that manufacturers were concerned about the impact of changes in the DVs on the criteria for making nutrient content and health claims.

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