BOX 2-4
Sample of Canada’s Nutrition Facts Table

SOURCE: Canada (2003).

listing for “calories from fat.” Other nutrients from a permitted list may be included in the table at the discretion of the manufacturer, but the specified order of the nutrients must be maintained. Nutrient information with the exception of that for cholesterol must be expressed in terms of % DV, and, in the case of macronutrients, sodium, and potassium, in grams and milligrams based on a serving of stated size. The % DVs for fat, cholesterol, carbohydrate, fiber, sodium, and potassium are based on Reference Standards that are identical to the DRVs used in the United States. Since the RDIs for vitamins and minerals used in the United States are based largely on the 1968 RDAs, it was decided to retain the Canadian Recommended Daily Intakes, which are based on the 1983 RNIs, until further guidance is received from the Institute of Medicine on the establishment of reference values for nutrition labeling.

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