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  • Human data are from very short-term and relatively short-term treatment studies that were not designed to examine safety. Few studies included children.

  • Many of the available studies in humans included small numbers of participants and varied greatly in duration of treatment, from a single dose to dosing for a few weeks or months.

  • Few investigators described systematic collection of adverse effects in clinical trials.

  • There is uncertainty in the dose-response relationship for adverse effects.

  • The risk of harm from doses greater than 10 mg/day is unknown.

D. Data Gaps and Future Research Recommended

  • All future clinical trials should include systematic collection and evaluation of adverse effects.

  • Dose-dependent safety studies in adults and children are needed. These studies should include investigations of the potential for harm in individuals taking more than 10 mg of melatonin per day.

  • The literature should continue to be monitored for signs of melatonin effects on tumors and testes.

  • The long-term safety of melatonin use in adults and children needs further study. These studies should include close monitoring of individuals with cardiovascular disease, specifically hypotension.

  • More information is needed concerning possible interactions between melatonin and drugs, particularly various cardiovascular, psychotropic, and anticonvulsant drugs.


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