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Number of Subjectsb


Case #29

Heron and Yarnell, 2001



Case Series A

Heron and Yarnell, 2001



NOTE: Numbering of cases is continued from Table C-1. BUN = blood urea nitrogen, CBC = complete blood cell count, WBC = white blood cell count, HDL = high-density lipoprotein, TSH = thyroid-stimulating hormone.

a The numbering of cases is consistent with that used in the full prototype monograph for chaparral, which included a Case #16 and a Case #24. These two cases are not included here because they do not address hepatotoxicity, the subject of the focused monograph.

b Many of the subjects included in Tables C-1 and C-2 as case reports are also included in Table D as Special Nutrition Adverse Event Monitoring System reports and are identified with an asterisk. It was apparent that Case #16 was reported in two publications. Cases #18 and #19 appear to be the same subject, but this could not be confirmed based on the information reported. Some cases that do not have an asterisk may also be included in more than one table. However, verification of duplicate cases was not possible given the available data.

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