TABLE B-3 Child Health Status, Functioning, and Health Potential Measures

Health Measures




I. Functioning





A. Physical functioning




1. Diseases




2. Injuries




3. Impairments





Limitations in mobility




Impairments needing wheelchair, etc.




Gross and fine motor deficits






Hearing difficulty, deafness






Vision difficulty, blindness







Speech difficulty






Delays in growth or development






Measurement of height





Measurement of weight






Restriction of usual activities







Limitations due to oral health





4. Symptoms



B. Psychological functioning




1. Cognitive functioning





Alertness problems





Confusion problems













Concentration difficulty






Problem-solving deficits





Language use/comprehension deficits





Reading difficulty





Learning disability




2. Emotional functioning





Limitations in usual activities





Attachment problems





Negative affect, mood, or depression






Consideration of suicide





Infant temperament





Temperament problems





Anxious, nervous, or worrisome





Trouble with self-regulation





Poor self-esteem and self-perception





Negative body image





Self-sufficiency problems





Difficulty getting to sleep




C. Social functioning





Relational capacity deficits





Cooperation problems






Poor integration or connection





Conduct/delinquency problems







Poor academic performance





School days missed


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