TABLE C-12 Timeline of Major Developments

January 21, 1997

Memorandum of agreement transfers control of LC-130 polar heavy airlift to ANG [2].

March 26, 1998

ANG assumes control of all LC-130 polar operations [3].

Summer 1998

Discussions regarding need to update all three NSF-owned aircraft [4].


First year of MREFC funding to upgrade NSF-owned LC-130s to meet Air Force safety and operability standards.


[1] Global Security web site: <>.

[2] DefenseLINK News. Memorandum No. 007-M, January 21, 1997.

[3] DefenseLINK News. News Release No. 132-98, March 26, 1998.

[4] Preliminary Report of the August 12-13, 1998, NSB Meeting (NSB 98-164).

[5] NSF FY 2001 MRE Budget Request.



The Polar Cap Observatory, a multi-instrumented ground-based facility, will be in the northern polar cap at Resolute Bay in Canada. It will consist of a large state-of-the art radar facility with an accompanying array of smaller optical and radiowave remote-sensing instruments. The new facility will allow for monitoring of “space weather,” the conditions in the space environment that can influence the performance and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based technologic systems. Space-weather storms can disrupt satellites, communication, navigation, and electric-power distribution grids.

Approval and Funding History

The project was approved in May 1998 and placed in FY 1998 and FY 1999 budget requests, but no funding was received. The project has not been included in a budget request since then.

Managing Institutions

Not applicable.

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