• Chief, Medical Operations Branch

  • Assistant to the Director, Space Medicine

  • Assistant to the Director for Biomedical Research and Countermeasures

  • Section Supervisor, Epidemiology

Extramural requests for data must receive initial merit and funding approval via the National Space Biomedicine Research Institute (NSBRI) or a NASA Research Announcement (NRA) before they are submitted to the LSAH Executive Committee. If an extramural investigator requests extensive data retrieval and analyses, the Executive Committee may require that the investigator provide the necessary funding to support this work.

Intramural data requests are categorized into those for research, clinical care, or operational purposes. Research questions may be submitted by JSC civil servants in the Space Life Sciences Directorate. Contractors, residents, and postdoctoral students and fellows must obtain a civil servant sponsor before submitting their data requests to the Executive Committee. These requests must obtain approval through an independent peer review process before being submitted to the LSAH Executive Committee. Until this process is officially in place, the LSAH Executive Committee will serve this function.

Clinical care questions focus on direct patient care and are submitted by JSC Flight Surgeons. These data requests are submitted to the NASA Technical Monitor or the Epidemiology Section Supervisor. Approval by the Executive Committee is not required because the purpose is to support clinical care of individual patients. However, if the Flight Surgeon later wishes to publish or present the results, a study protocol must be developed and submitted to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Data requests for operational or management purposes do not require Executive Committee approval, but results later determined to be publishable require a protocol before they are submitted to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

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