2003a). As a result, dozens of studies were cancelled, reducing the total list of studies from 149 to 91. Eighteen planned studies were “cancelled” from the evaluation program because they were expedited and completed as part of the Executive Steering Committee for A.C.E. Policy (ESCAP) report series, as support for the Census Bureau’s decisions on census adjustment in March and October 2001. The remaining studies were cancelled by the Census Bureau in an “[attempt] to obtain the best balance of resources” between “completing and releasing Census 2000 data products” and “conducting key Census 2000 evaluations” (U.S. Census Bureau, 2003a).

Response Rates and Behavior Analysis (Series A)

A.1.a: Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Operational Analysis (Chesnut, 2003b)

A.1.b: Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Customer Satisfaction Survey (Stevens, 2002)

A.2.a: Internet Questionnaire Assistance Operational Analysis: Cancelled, early 2002

A.2.b: Internet Data Collection Operational Analysis (Whitworth, 2002)

A.2.c: Census 2000 Internet Web Site and Questionnaire Customer Satisfaction Survey (Stapleton and Irwin, 2002)

A.3: Be Counted Campaign for Census 2000 (Carter, 2002)

A.4: Language Program—Use of Non-English Questionnaires and Guides (Smith and Jones, 2003)

A.5.a: Census 2000 Response Methods for Selected Language Groups (Lestina, 2003)

A.5.b: Awareness and Participation in the Census 2000 Language Assistance Programs Among Selected Language Groups [not yet released]

A.6.a: U.S. Postal Service Undeliverable Rates for Census 2000 Mailout Questionnaires (Kohn, 2003)

A.6.b: Detailed Reasons for Undeliverability of Census 2000 Mailout Questionnaires by the USPS (Chesnut, 2003a)

A.7.a: Census 2000 Mailback Response Rates (Stackhouse and Brady, 2003a)

A.7.b: Census 2000 Mail Return Rates (Stackhouse and Brady, 2003b)

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