necessarily reflect the views of all workshop participants, the committee, the National Academies, or the Russian Academy of Sciences. Nor do they represent the official positions of the United States or Russian governments. The report does not contain consensus findings or recommendations from the workshop participants as a whole, or of the steering committee.

Despite many positive and encouraging results in U.S.-Russian cooperation on nuclear nonproliferation over the last decade, a variety of problems and impediments have emerged which significantly reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of joint efforts. The causes of these impediments appear to be varied in nature, resulting from political, legal, technical, managerial, bureaucratic, structural, socio-historical, and other issues. The committee and the workshop participants acknowledged the complex and interrelated character of emerging difficulties and impediments to cooperation, noting that no single remedy will be able to solve these problems. It nevertheless seems quite possible and useful to describe the experiences and lessons of cooperation and to identify opportunities, strategies, tools, and resources that may be useful in overcoming impediments to cooperation.


the following text can be considered to represent the views of the majority of Russian participants. At the workshop, this also resulted in many instances where there was a consensus among Russian participants.

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