The NRC appointed a committee under the auspices of the Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment (BICE) to undertake the review and assessment of DOE project management. The committee is composed of 10 professionals with diverse experience in academic, government, and industrial settings and extensive knowledge of project management and process improvement. Three members of the committee also participated in the Phase II review and assessment, and one member participated in both Phase I and Phase II efforts. (See Appendix B for biographies of the committee members.)

This document is the committee’s third and final annual report. It includes the committee’s assessment of progress in improving project management at DOE as of September 2003 and provides additional discussion of what the committee determined to be key factors affecting DOE project management.1 The body of this report addresses some of the issues raised in the Phase II report (NRC, 1999), and provides a continuation and summation of the assessments published in the committee’s 2001 annual report (NRC, 2001b); 2002 annual report (NRC, 2003); interim letter reports (NRC, 2001a, 2002a); and proceedings of the 2001 forum on the owner’s role in project management and preproject planning (NRC, 2002b). Not all of the findings and recommendations in the previous reports are specifically cited here, although the committee continues to endorse them.

This assessment has focused on the program activities in the Office of Environmental Management (EM), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and the Office of Science (SC) because they are responsible for the majority of DOE projects. The committee notes that other DOE program offices, such as the Office of Nuclear Energy Sciences and Technology and the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste, have significant project responsibilities. The committee’s findings and recommendations for disciplined and effective project management address the need for a consistent process and level of performance for all projects undertaken by all program offices in DOE.


Beginning in September 2000, the committee met 14 times to review and assess the data on projects and project management procedures presented by the DOE project managers and representatives of the Office of Management and Budget Evaluation (OMBE), the Office of Engineering and Construction Management (OECM), and the project management support offices (PMSOs) in EM, NNSA, and SC. The committee also met with DOE personnel and DOE contrac-


In December 2003, the DOE deputy secretary appointed an associate deputy secretary with responsibilities for capital acquisition and project management. This appointment has been noted where it has an effect on the committee’s assessment.

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