searching and matching. Such information is crucial to determining whether “real-time unduplication” is possible in the 2010 census.

  • Use of Administrative Records in MAF Updating or Nonresponse Follow-up (Section 7-C.2): If use of administrative records is considered for inclusion in the 2010 census process (as opposed to a major experiment), that use should be factored into the 2006 census test and included in the 2008 dress rehearsal.

In addition to the areas listed above, we commented in Section 5-C that enumeration methods for special hard-to-count populations—including gated communities, colonias, linguistically isolated households, and the homeless—should be the focus of research well before the end-of-decade crunch immediately prior to the census. To the extent possible, revised methods for these populations should be tested in 2006 rather than waiting for the 2008 dress rehearsal (or even later). Likewise, we recommended a comprehensive reappraisal and redefinition of the methods used for the group quarters population (Section 5-B.2). In particular, improved methods for developing the roster of group quarters should be developed in time for the 2006 census test, as should techniques for integrating or cross-checking the group quarters list with the MAF. The forms used to collect information for the group quarters population should also be reexamined to determine whether they are appropriate to part or all of the group quarters population.

9–C.4 Site Selection

As a final remark, site selection for the 2006 census test is extremely important. The Census Bureau typically selects a small number of counties for its test censuses to provide an effective test of its procedures. The counties are selected to represent urban and rural regions and to include various nonminority and minority groups. We urge the Census Bureau to select test sites that will provide an extreme and rigorous test of the various elements of the census design, so that the proof-of-concept test can best inform the reengineering of the 2010 census as a whole.

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