Reports of Breakout Sessions

After the presentations, workshop participants attended breakout sessions to elicit suggestions that might be taken back to the societies represented. Groups were asked to try to identify the specific obstacles that prevent women from advancing in clinical research and then to determine what could be done to address and overcome these obstacles.

Some of the topics for discussion were leadership, visibility, and recognition; mentoring and networking; best practices (e.g., how can societies implement a five-year plan to ensure that leadership reflects each society’s demographics); and oversight, tracking, and accountability. Breakout group members were encouraged to ask themselves what specific steps societies can take to ensure that more women assume leadership roles, and how societies can be convinced that diversity is in their own best interest, that it is critical to their mission? What successful approaches, model practices, and programs have worked? How can they be adopted by other societies? What would an ideal program look like, and what would it take to make it happen?

Leaders of the breakout sessions then presented summaries of the suggestions identified in each of the groups. These suggestions reflect the views of the individual presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of workshop participants as a whole.

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