Closing Remarks

Vivian Pinn, M.D.

Director, Office of Research on Women’s Health

Associate Director, Research on Women’s Health

National Institutes of Health

I want to begin by thanking Sally Shaywitz and all of you for your participation and helping to make this workshop successful. Many viable, innovative, and wonderful suggestions have come forward. Perhaps the most exciting results of this meeting, something that I enjoy every time I go to a meeting like this one, are the new interactions, new friendships, and new avenues for networking that have been established. Our speakers have all been marvelous.

As I listened to the recommendations, I liked hearing what we’ve all recognized—that societies can be and should be agents for change, and we want to facilitate that. We want them to be agents of change in the professions, in health careers, and in research careers for the entry and advancement of women—not only in the basic sciences, not only in medical sciences, but also in the clinical sciences. If we focus on our interdisciplinary collaborations, interdisciplinary research, and interdisciplinary career development, we will continue to ensure that our efforts are interdisciplinary in nature, spreading across not just the medical discipline but all of the other clinical disciplines, as well as basic science and perhaps traditional and nontraditional other areas through which women contribute both as basic scientists and as clinical scientists.

I liked some of the specific recommendations that were put forward. I heard three major things. The first was how to facilitate professional society meetings as a way to bring to the floor specific recommendations that would address the women who are members of those societies.

Second, as Dr. Pardes put forward, we need to bring together a panel on clinical research, including deans of medical schools and heads of medical centers, representatives of the NIH, and representatives of industry. We have heard people speak about the role of industry, but how do we add industry to the mix in

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