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Russia has laid the foundations for a state system for training personnel in information security. This system is composed of the following elements:

Training Providers
  • higher educational institutions (more than 80) having licenses to educate students in one of seven specialties included in the state classified listing of specialties and areas of training for degreed specialists

  • regional training and scientific centers (22), based at leading higher educational institutions in the various regions of Russia and designed to address problems of providing training for specialists in a specific region

  • continuing education training centers (as a rule, not state run; established in almost all regions of Russia, so it is difficult to determine their numbers), created by organizations actively operating in the information protection services market and licensed to conduct their training activities by local governmental authorities responsible for education

  • university students and other course participants being trained at higher educational institutions, regional training and scientific centers, and continuing education training centers

  • instructors at the various educational institutions and centers

  • administrative personnel organizing and facilitating the training process

Educational and Methodological Resource Support
  • state educational standards for higher professional education in the seven specialties included in the information security classification

  • educational plans for training specialists in the specific specialties

  • educational programs for specific training courses in the seven specialties

  • educational programs for continuing education or retraining courses aimed at allowing participants to obtain additional qualifications

  • textbooks, educational and methodological handbooks, and practical laboratory training exercises

  • informational materials supporting the training process

Management Subsystem
  • Russian Federation Ministry of Education, which issues licenses for educational activities conducted by higher educational institutions

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