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  • devices and operating principles involved in automated systems

  • methodology for the design, construction, and operation of secure automated systems

  • criteria and methods for assessing the security of automated systems

  • means and methods of unauthorized access to information in automated systems

  • architecture of secure computer networks

  • software, devices, and hardware for creating secure networks

  • principles of building and managing secure networks

  • rule for the organizational, technical, and legal protection of information

  • the use of software and device technologies for protecting information

  • building and operating secure databases

  • systems approach to the problem of protecting information in database management systems

  • mechanisms for protecting information in databases and database management systems and opportunities for circumventing them

  • concepts of engineering- and technology-related means of information protection

  • organizational foundations for the use of engineering- and technology-related means of information protection

After receiving training in this discipline, specialists must have an understanding of the following:

  • promising areas for the development of computer security theory

  • methods for information security threat analysis

  • architecture of secure automated systems

  • principles for the construction of secure systems

  • typical attacks on secure systems

  • promising areas for the development of network security technologies

  • current problems of information security science and the role and place of network information security in overall efforts to ensure comprehensive information security

Specialists must know the following:

  • methodological and technological foundations for comprehensive automated systems security

  • threats and methods of violating systems security

  • formal models providing a foundation for security systems

  • standards for assessing systems security and their theoretical foundations

  • methods and means of building secure systems

  • methods and means of verifying and analyzing the reliability of secure systems

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