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  1. The information space and the problem of the integrality of the Russian state.

  2. Study and forecasting of the sociopsychological consequences of the introduction and broad dissemination of modern information technologies.

  3. Study of the historical aspects, current status, and prospects for development of the information-related activities of foreign states involving the use of Russian information systems for promoting their own interests.

  4. Development of and provision of a scientific foundation for a system for monitoring the status of the information security of the Russian Federation.

  5. Development of an information-dynamic model of the balance between the demand for free exchange of information and allowable limits on its distribution.

  6. Development of legal mechanisms for ensuring the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in the information sphere.

  7. Problems of providing legal protection and assigning property and profit rights with regard to the results of scientific-technical activities and compensating authors and persons facilitating the use of intellectual property.

  8. Study of the place and role of the mass media in addressing issues related to the information technology-related aspects of the state policy of the Russian Federation.

  9. Development of regulations aimed at preserving and legally protecting Russian intellectual property in the information sphere.

  10. Improving the legal base regulating the creation and use of databases and other information resources of federal significance.

  11. Study of problems of legal regulation in the area of technological independence.

  12. Development of a mechanism for legal regulation of the protection and use of dual-use technologies.

  13. Development of models and mechanisms for providing insurance coverage for information-related risks.

  14. Development of legal mechanisms for cooperation among members of the Commonwealth of Independent States in ensuring collective information security.

  15. Study of problems of legal regulation on issues of investment policy in the area of information technologies.

  16. Development of legal mechanisms for regulating the creation and utilization of cryptographic products.

  17. Development of legal mechanisms regulating the circulation of electronic documents.

  18. Problems of providing a legal foundation for the creation and operation of a system for monitoring the threat of information attacks on critically important segments of the information infrastructure of the Russian Federation.

  19. Improvement of the legal and regulatory base for conducting expert reviews and monitoring of the quality of protection afforded to information and information resources.

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