Driven initially by the need for improved support of the investigative process, the FBI has embarked on a major IT modernization program, whose main focus today is the Trilogy program. Trilogy has two major objectives. The first is the creation of a more modern end-user-oriented infrastructure, consisting of a secure wide-area network and related local area networks, together with modern workstations, printers, scanners, and a base of commercial software applications such as browsers. This infrastructure is intended to provide an enhanced platform for modern applications.6 The second objective of Trilogy is to provide enhanced support of the investigative process. This objective is the focus of the Virtual Case File (VCF) that will provide via a browser interface a user-friendly capability for agents to electronically manage case-related information critical for criminal investigation.

At this writing (late March 2004), neither the infrastructure deployment nor the VCF application is complete, although significant progress has been made on both. In addition to the original two objectives, a general requirement to support the counterterrorism mission has also been placed on Trilogy, although specifications for that novel task have not been fully developed. The FBI has also embarked on the development and implementation of systems to support its intelligence functions, which are also important to the counterterrorism mission. Central to this thrust is the creation of a large data repository, referred to as the IDW, the Integrated Data Warehouse, also in its early stages.


As used in this report, the term “platform” refers to the computing infrastructure supporting FBI applications, specifically the combination of a type of hardware, say a PC-compatible personal computer, and specific software, such as a specific operating system, Web browser, and set of basic office applications.

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