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  • National Autism Association: Folder with stories from the families of children with autism (sponsored by individual parents). We want you to know the truth…

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  • American Autism Assocation; Sponsored by parents of autistic children.

The committee also received several submissions from the public stating potential theories of how vaccines/thimerosal injure children/adults together with unpublished background information and critiques of data.

  • Catherine Boyle, 2004. Immunization Safety Review—vaccines and autism: what about mitochondrial disease underlying autism?

  • Amy Carson, Angela Medlin, Karey Williams (Moms Against Mercury), 2004. Removal of all Mercury Products in Vaccines.

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The committee received many unpublished papers to supplement published articles. These include:

  • S. Bernard (SafeMinds), 2004. Analysis of the Autism Registry Data Base in Response to the Hviid et al. Paper on Thimerosal in JAMA (October, 2003).

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