• Simpsonwood Transcript. Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information, June 7-8, 2000. Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, GA (submitted by M. and D. Geier).

  • Transcript from the High Court of Justice hearing in the matter of MMR/ MR vaccine litigation, Case Management Conference (submitted by D. Salisbury).

  • Transcript—U.S. House of Representatives, Government Reform Committee holds a hearing on the status of the research into vaccine safety and autism. 6/19/02 (submitted by J. Bradstreet).


Several people emailed questions for the committee to consider while reviewing the research regarding autism, thimerosal, MMR, and mercury. They included:

  • Raymond Gallup, 2004. Question???-February 9, 2004 meeting-autism and vaccines.

  • Tonya Harbison, 2004. Autism.

  • Michelle Mitchell, 2004. Topics for discussion in vaccine/autism meetings.


The committee also received news articles, including those listed below.

  • Assessing the Role of Mercury in Autism. 2002. By: Boyd E. Haley. Mothering Magazine (submitted by Moms Against Mercury).

  • Autism in a Needle? The toxic tale of vaccinations and mercury poisoning (11/11/03) By: Annette Fuentes (submitted by M. and D. Geier).

  • Methylmercury Toxicology Probed. By: Louisa Wray Dalton (submitted by J. Bradstreet).

  • New Research Suggests Link Between Vaccine Ingredients and Autism, ADHD (submitted by Becky Nelson).

  • The Irresponsible Media Coverage of the Institute of Medicine Meeting on Autism and Vaccines. By: Sandy Mintz, RFD Columnist (submitted by Philip Rudnick, West Chester University of Pennsylvania).

  • Vaccine and Autism (12/29/03) and Autism and Vaccines (2/9/04) (submitted by Deborah Wexler, Immunization Action Coalition).

  • Water in D.C. Exceeds the EPA Lead Limit; Random Tests Last Summer Found Levels in 4,000 Homes Throughout City. 1/31/04. By: D. Nakamura (submitted by J. Bradstreet).

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